If your driver's license expired, here's the best location to get it renewed in Rockford.

I'm like many people in Rockford, my driver's license expired during the quarantine. Before the pandemic, the lines at the DMV were already long. You can only imagine what they are like now.

Illinois has done us all a favor by expanding the deadline for all currently expired licenses until November 1st. That's great.

Unfortunately, there's an issue. Just because the state says it's okay, doesn't mean private businesses do. Some still won't take an out of date one. I ran into that situation.

When I have to go to the DMV, I usually head to the Baxter Road location. Normally, it's not very busy. The East State one is always packed, so I avoid that place if at all possible. I heard Belvidere and Roscoe were crazy right now too.

A few weeks ago, I went to Baxter Road. The wait was several hours, so I just left. Earlier this week, I tried again. It was even worse this time.

Luckily, an employee gave me a heads up. She told me to check out the Auburn Street location. I took her advice and I waited for just twenty minutes.

There is a catch. That is an express facility, so they don't do everything. If you simply need to get your expired license renewed or a new license plate sticker, well you're all good. Anything else, I suggest, if possible, putting it off. Otherwise, bring a lot of Snickers because you're not going anywhere for a long time.

For more info, HERE.

I figured someone shared this helpful tip with me, so I'm going to pass it on to you.

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