Summertime at the lake, what a way to spend a few hours here in Illinois. But did you know the there are 5 different lakes in Illinois that are filled with a variety of slimy snakes? We are going to take a look at where these 5 lakes are, and also the gross snakes that are in them! AZANIMALS

So let's start with which Illinois lakes are the most snake infested, yuck!

1. Lake Michigan

2. Rend Lake

3. Carlyle Lake

4. Lake Shelbyville

5. Chain O'Lakes

These lakes in Illinois have the most snakes.

Water snakes are a very common sight around the lakes and rivers of Illinois. These snakes have a significant ecological impact on the state and are well-suited to watery habitats. AZANIMALS

So what types of snakes, fill these lakes?

Northern Water Snake

Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake

Copperbelly Water Snake

Eastern Hognose Snake

Eastern Garter Snake

I'm not much of a reptile, snake guy...But all of those sound intimidating and gross. After reading the description of each of these, the Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake is one that could cause some serious damage and is venomous. It actually gives off a warning sign to those near by, as to say "yah, dude...I'm a bad a**."

 When confronted, this venomous snake’s tail makes a characteristic rattling noise that it uses as a warning signal. - AZANIMALS

The key part of that..."when confronted." So...don't confront it and you should be cool?

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