While jaywalking isn't listed as an illegal activity, you are expected in Rockford and throughout Illinois NOT to do it. ScottAnderson

You see it everywhere throughout Rockford, especially downtown. Crossing the street on your feet, when and where you want. I don't need no stinking crosswalk! Or do you...

Here is the legal breakdown about jaywalking in Illinois:

While jaywalking isn’t explicitly listed in Illinois state law as being illegal, pedestrians are expected to follow traffic laws and traffic signals. Pedestrians have the right-of-way on the road at any marked crosswalk or designated intersection. Usually, traffic signs indicate a pedestrian crosswalk, or there will be a crossing guard or crossing light to help pedestrians cross safely. However, in areas with no crosswalk, pedestrians must yield to the drivers on the road. - ScottAndersonCrimeDefense

So the person walking, crossing, moon walking across the street has the full on right-of-way, but geez...Be careful would ya?

I wonder where that term comes from? Who is "Jay" and when is he crossing the road without a light or a crosswalk? The answer is actually kinda funny:

(Jaywalking) it comes from the fact that Jay used to be a generic term for someone who was an idiot, dull, rube, unsophisticated, poor, or simpleton.  More precisely, it was once a common term for country bumpkins or hicks, usually seen incorrectly as inherently stupid by “city” folk. - Today

How about that? Don't be a "Jay." Now I know what I'm gonna call Double T when he messes something up!


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