Man Licks Doorbell For 3 Hours (Video)
Dateline Salinas, California. According to Local 10 a man was caught on video, licking a doorbell...for THREE HOURS.
The homeowners were out of town, but there were children home when this weirdo showed lick the doorbell for THREE HOURS.
Strange Illinois Laws
Every state (and many a city and town) has a few rather unusual laws on the books that while rarely enforced, remain in effect to this day. Illinois is certainly no exception to that.
Funny Town Names
A year or so back, I posted a piece in this space called "Some Illinois Towns Have Weird Names." Some of the Illinois towns mentioned as being weirdly named were: Goofy Ridge, Oblong, Lowpoint, Muddy, Ransom, and Preemption. Time to make the move from weirdness to lewdnes…

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