We've been hearing a lot lately about the dangers of synthetic marijuana, now the Senate is hoping to change that.

Synthetic Marijuana
Washington Post/Getty Images

On Friday, lawmakers in Illinois are taking steps towards making synthetic drugs illegal by passing an all-out ban. Currently, the law only bans specific formulas.

Just this year four people have died from using a synthetic marijuana laced with rat poison. There have also been more than 150 cases of people suffering from internal bleeding, including three cases here in Winnebago County.

Senate is hoping this catch-all approach will stop manufacturers from slightly changing their formula so they are 'following the rules'.  This is because these drugs are not regulated so there's no way of knowing exactly what chemicals are in them.

Because batches are made in high-volume, some parts may be more potent than others. This is what is leading to the risk of overdose and in some cases death.

The Illinois House is next to consider this and if the bill is signed into law, anyone caught with synthetic drugs would be sentenced to at least one year in jail.

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