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The organization "Circle of Change" visited Rockford recently. What is Circle of Change:

At Circle of Change, Veterans suffering the effects of PTSD and other emotional issues rediscover trust, self-esteem and socialization through dog training and handling in a safe and comfortable environment. The concept is a simple, yet effective. As the dogs gain confidence and come to rely on the participating veterans, a healing takes place in both veteran and dog. - Circle of Change/YouTube Channel

With their stop in Rockford, the organization visited Atwood Park. The former Camp Grant Artillery Range in Rockford is Memorial Site #19 on their list. This guided video tour of Atwood Park in Rockford, is pretty well done. Showing the camp that operated from 1917 to 1946. The grounds were named after American Civil War General, Ulysses S. Grant.

With the "Sweat for Vets Challenge" they show the grounds for it's historic value, but also lays out how and where to go in Atwood Park to get in your 11.1 miles of activity. The area looks great to take a run or even just a nice walk to enjoy some local American history.

To sign up for "Sweat for Vets" CLICK HERE  and see how you can get in a great workout at Atwood Park, and also give back to help our our veterans.

Check out this video of Atwood Park (Camp Grant)

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