Look at those pups! The work that these four-legged superstars put in for the city of Rockford, it's remarkable. I've been in meetings where the "human" Rockford Police K-9 Officers tell these heroic stories, simply amazing. Sometimes their reactions are VERY human, and in the long run protect all of us. CLICK HERE

So here we are in October, should we mention Christmas yet? We might as well start making plans for people on our Christmas lists. Here's a great idea for a dog lover, or someone on your list that supports those that protect us! CLICK HERE

The Friends of Rockford Police Department K-9 have put together these awesome t-shirts and sweatshirts just in time for the holidays. With $11 of each purchase going to "friends" you will be doing a great thing for our community. The money raised by "friends" goes towards training, uniforms, gear, all things Rockford Police Dept K-9! The officers KNOW what they need and the dogs need, and "friends" takes care of them. CLICK HERE

Lets take a look at what is available. These designs are available in hooded sweatshirts, t-shirts for men, women and kids, and a women's tank top too! CLICK HERE


Again, $11 or each item goes to "Friends of Rockford Police Dept K-9" which helps pay for a variety of needs for the human and four legged K-9 officer!

To order yours, shipping starts November 3rd...CLICK HERE

Can You Identify These 20 Intersections in Rockford?

Rockford has some weird intersections as well as "worst" intersections. Test your knowledge and see if you can correctly name all 20 of these interactions in the forest city.



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