A new study was released by Yahoo the during the last year of being locked down and staying at home....the sound that people miss the most, LIVE MUSIC.

The study was done surveying 2000 people aged 40 and over. How have they adapted to the pandemic year, and what are the things that are missed the most.  38% percent miss the sound of live music which makes it #1 on the list. I agree 110%.

There is so much more to a concert than just the live music sound, but that hum of an amp or the deep, crack your ribs bass note...man I miss that. There is a vibe to the entire event. Fans singing along, crowd participation with the songs hook, man I can't wait to get back at it.

So live music at 38% comes in at as the #1 sound people have missed during the last year. Here is some more things we haven't experienced during COVID-19:

  • Live Music 38%
  • Surround Sound in a Movie Theatre 35%
  • Fans Cheering at a Sporting Event 28%

Here some other submitted answers:

  • a church sermon
  • slot machines
  • someone saying they loved me

Once we open back up fully as a country, the sound of tears or joy will be heard. Getting out and engaging with other people and not doing everything on Zoom...actual human contact, what a concept.

I still have KISS tickets, and I still want to see Rod Stewart (bucket list) so let's get rocking in 2021. We will crank the live music for you on 96.7 The Eagle and on the App on March 20th. The return of live music BEGINS with Eaglestock III.

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