As the temps warm up and the ice melts, there's a change of season in the near future. Also there will be a change at the pump, yikes. Are you ready to pay $3 or OVER for a gallon of gas this summer?  MyStateline

In the last two weeks, gas prices in Illinois have jumped up another fourteen cents....we are up a whopping 46 cents since November, wow! So what about this summer?

Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy, believes that we could see a jump to $2.80 by spring...and there's this, another oil expert Phil Flynn of the Price Futures Group believes that hitting the $3.00 a gallon mark is a real possibility.

The reason for this from Yahoo, "service disruptions" and the summer gasoline blends are a little more expensive. Also the massive storms down in Texas, shut down the usage of about a dozen oil refineries. These refinery outages removed 3 1/2 million to 4 million, (20%) of the nation’s oil refining ability. The countries benchmark on crude oil, climbed from about $35 a barrel to $61 because of the Texas storms.

People should be hitting the road more in the summer of 2021 "post vaccination," also they tie in stimulus check spending this summer as well. Obviously with things opening back up and people wanting to get out of the house, travel is probably in all of our futures.

So brace yourself and schedule your travel accordingly, the gas prices around here this summer are going up.

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