Happy "Stone Cold" Steve Austin 3:16 Day, that's the bottom line.

Wendy's Brings #bbq4Merica With Actors Alfonso Ribeiro And Ralph Macchio, And Pro Wrestling Hall Of Famer Steve Austin
Getty Images - Moses Robinson

Back in the WWE  "Attitude Era", Stone Cold Steve Austin was the man. He wore different hat as a professional wrestler, the cheered for good guy that would give the boss the middle finger. Kind of the ultimate super hero for the working man. Go to work and kick ass, then drink a beer.

With the crime in Rockford including a certain heart wrenching videos that are now going viral across the country, I think Rockford needs a Super Hero, The Rattlesnake.

Think of how calm and relaxed Rockford would be if the bad guys knew what was coming. Caught shoplifting, middle finger and a stunner. Rob the ice cream man, kick to the gut and a stunner. Try to break into a car, two middle fingers and a Stone Cold Stunner. Problems solved.

O.K. so maybe this wouldn't solve all of our problems in Rockford, but it's a nice thought. Happy "Stone Cold" Steve Austin 3:16 Day.






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