TaB diet soda will no longer be available in Rockford so stock up now.

If I made a list of the differences between going to the grocery store when I was a kid and now, it would be very long. It's hard to believe it's the same place.

One big difference is the soda selection. There are so many more brands and flavors now, then back in the day. When I was young, it was a small section. Now, it's a full aisle on both sides, all the way through, and from top to bottom. It's hard to keep them all straight.

Even the way you purchased it. Of course, there were cans but also glass bottles. Yes, I said glass. You would keep them and return them to the store for money. The top needed to be taken off with an opener.

My mom didn't buy a lot of pop. My drink of choice was Kool-Aid. I remember her getting RC or Diet Rite in those bottles. On a rare occasion, she would bring home a different option. It came in a bright pink can. It was another diet soda called TaB. It had a unique flavor and it wasn't for everyone including me. I think she would buy it on purpose so I wouldn't drink it all right away.

As I got older, my parents switched to generic pop. I had friends coming over all the time, so they went the cheap route. It was six cans for a dollar. My friends and I would drink that stuff like it was going out of style.

I hadn't even thought about TaB, let alone had seen it in-person for years. I thought it was long gone. Then a couple of years ago, I actually saw some on the shelf in a Rockford grocery store. There wasn't a lot, maybe a couple of six-packs of cans.

It was a total flashback to childhood. It happens sometimes. I've seen some of my old favorite brands of cereal, candy, chips, and etc in a store when I thought it wasn't made anymore. I wouldn't buy it but it's fun to see. It's never as good as you remember.

With my TaB sighting, I just figured there were still old-schoolers out there that enjoy it. No judging from me. Everyone has their own taste. Unfortunately, the retro soda is now going away for real.

According to,

"The company has announced that it will stop selling cans of Tab at the end of the year, discontinuing the once-popular diet soda from the '70s and '80s that has developed a fervent cult following from lovers of its blend of artificial sweeteners saccharine and NutraSweet, who call themselves "TaBaholics" and "TaBbies." Coca-Cola said in a news release that it plans "retire select underperforming products" at the end of the year, which also include Diet Coke Feisty Cherry, Zico coconut water and Coke Life as well as regional offerings like Northern Neck Ginger Ale and Delaware Punch."

If TaB is your pop of choice, you better stock-up because your time is almost up. Also, if you've never had it, then put it on your bucket list to get done before it's too late.

So long TaB, you had a good run.

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