Finnish outfit Steve 'N' Seagulls are quickly making a name for themselves by offering bluegrass covers of familiar metal tunes, including a recent cover of Iron Maiden's 'The Trooper.' The group's latest video to hit the Web finds them performing Dio's 'Holy Diver.'

Once you get past the kitsch of the stand-up bassist wearing a sea captain's hat, the mandolin player in a headdress and two of the members donning life jackets, you get a pretty impressive rendition of the well-known Ronnie James Dio favorite.

The band members are all nestled into a barn, where a canoe sits on a couple of bales of hay, serving as the setting for the video. At one point, the mandolin player can even be spotted picking a piece of straw from his instrument.

The members gleefully pick on their instruments and as you can hear in this arrangement, the basis for the Dio original is as catchy and infectious even in the different setting. One of the highlights comes midway through when the mandolin player and bassist engage in a back-and-forth battle, sealed with a whistle from the percussionist's life jacket.

'Holy Diver' was initially featured on Dio's 1983 disc of the same name.

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