With all of this horrible news lately hitting us left and right its great to finally find something great in the news. Every so often you see people put the needs of others in front of their own and this story is just that according to WIFR.com. It's because of the Stateline Robotics Team that a 7 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy is finally able to be a little more independent.

Jack Hughes, age 7 was born with Cerebral Palsy. With his condition it made it very difficult to have friends and play with the other kids. Jacks Mother, Michelle Hughes said, " As a parent, its the one thing that when you have a child with a disability that you want them to have friends". Jack's parents bought a motorized toy car and contacted Hononegah High School's Stateline Robotics team.

They asked if there was any way that they could customize it to help Jack. What they really needed was to have the double joysticks for the car put to one side. But the Stateline Robotics team didn't stop there. They rewired it, fixed the joysticks and worked on the seat to make sure it was comfortable for Jack and  his head was positioned right while on it. They also added a controller so the chair can be moved by someone else if need be.

Jack is said to be loving his new chair and now its easier for him to play with other kids. Hats off to the Hononegah High School Robotics Team! Way to go guys, you just improved a small boys quality of life.

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