Well, they didn't stay gone that long.

Back in January, it was reported that Marco's Pizza next to Family Video on North Second St. in Loves Park had closed unexpectedly.

As someone who frequents that particular Family Video, I wasn't terribly surprised.

Who doesn't love the idea of being able to order a pizza and rent a movie AND then have them both delivered?

That's what the partnership of these two businesses offered to its customers.

The only problem was that Marco's always seemed to be understaffed. They were always pretty busy, but because there were usually only two employees working they were incredibly backed up all the time.

I received coupons for free food a couple of times because an employee felt bad for the amount of time I had to wait for my order.

Hard to make enough money to stay open when that happens.

Maybe that's why they've announced they're coming back to make it right this time around.

Outside of Family Video on North Second St. in Loves Park.

Heading to the Aldi there on the corner I noticed this box truck parked out front of Family Video.

Outside of Family Video on North Second Street in Loves Park.

Right now the only Marco's location open locally is the one at 4733 Bluestem Road in Roscoe.