Twelve year old boys around the country our giggling at all the innuendos. 

I can not believe this is a real ad for Spirit Airlines. But the deal is pretty sweet, so if you are looking to book some flights, make sure you do it before 11:59 p.m. today.

Spirit Airlines is celebrating the fact that they now have 69 planes. So what does Spirit Airlines do? Offer $69 round-trip tickets to places across the country.

Whoever wrote this is a genius, or just saw 50 Shades of Grey. Alright you little perverts, get ready to giggle.

Spirit Airlines

We've been waiting to hit 69 planes for years. It's our favorite number - ever since we were twelve and found that magazine under our brother's bed (the one with the fantastic articles). Use your mouth to spread the word: Spirit is in an even better position to get you where you're going. We're popping an epic Bare Fare in celebration! $69.00* round trip! That's $34.50* each way when traveling to select destinations on select dates in April 2015 and May 2015. Roundtrip purchase is not required. These fares are limited in availability. Additional baggage charges may apply.


I repeat, this is real life. A real life marketing campaign. Bravo pubescent Spirit, Bravo.