Online shopping can be a very dangerous thing when stuck inside and stores aren't open.

So to avoid having the Amazon van making a stop every day and spending money I really don't have I started looking at houses. My family is in the market as we've finally grown tired of renting and want something of our own.

Now's the perfect time to online browse and while I was looking I stumbled upon this, let's call it a mansion because that's what it looks like from the front. Then once you see the rest of the place, you'll be convinced it's a mansion too.

The property is located at 11910 Ventura Blvd, Machesney Park, where it overlooks the Rock River and has an asking price of $1,350,000.  As someone who grew up in Machesney Park, it doesn't look like any of the homes in my childhood neighborhood.

The home was built in 1990 and has 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, 4 of them full bath.

Just look at the beautiful stain glass window behind a huge tub you could stay in for hours.

A C Johnston Realty Inc. via Remax

I mean this place literally has everything! Some of the interior features listed online are a hot tub, vaulted/cathedral ceilings (which are gorgeous!), sauna/steam room, and a wet bar.

Sticking with the interior for a moment there's also a game/rec that one could easily spend hours in.

A C Johnston Realty Inc via Remax


A C Johnston Realty Inc via Remax

And as if that game room wasn't cool enough for ya, this place has a fully functional ice-cream parlor/soda room complete with booths and a bar!

A C Johnston Realty Inc via Remax
A C Johnston Realty Inc via Remax

But wait there's more, we haven't covered the outside!

Exterior Features listed for this modern-day palace are an in-ground pool and another hot tub. I'll be honest this whole backyard lots like it could be an episode of Cribs.

A C Johnston Realty Inc via Remax

Also in the back yard is a full tennis/basketball court and sand volleyball. Can you say Top Gun parties!

A C Johnston Realty Inc via Remax
A C Johnston Realty Inc via Remax

And as if all that wasn't enough, an additional 2BR 1B home is located on and is included with the purchase of this property.

A C Johnston Realty Inc via Remax

You really should check out out the full listing for this place, which you can do by clicking here.

I'm truly blown away by all this home has to offer and to think it's not all that far from the home I grew up in.

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