The amount of speeding tickets in Illinois has hit a record low since 2010.

Cars Most Likely To Get Speeding Tickets on Rockford Roads

Many of the Illinois highways received the 5 mile per hour bump up to 70, and the amount of speeding tickets have went down.

According to WIFR the number of speeding tickets handed out by the Illinois State Police issued went down 40%  since 2010. 210,000 speeding tickets were issued in 2010 compared to 127,000 in 2015. Does the 70 mph speed limit help this situation.

But on the flip side is the amount of fatal crashes of Illinois roads. In the past two years those numbers have gone up. Distracted driving, people using their phones to text and talk has contributed to that increasing number.

Obviously traffic increases the next two weeks, please try to stay off the phone and be aware of your surroundings. The Eagle has some HUGE things happening in 2017, and we want you around for the party.



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