Just because the Cubs are on their 'oh, look at me... we are winning' train doesn't mean us White Sox Fans have to suffer.

I have an announcement to make... I DID NOT WATCH THE CUBS GAME AND I DON'T CARE! Yeah, instead I watched reruns of "Sons of Anarchy" and had a fabulous time. I didn't even have a hangover like every other person (Cubs fans) did today.

Yes, I'm a south-sider and proud to be one. But one bar near my hometown just may get me to watch the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals game.

Yes, the White Sox didn't have the best season and that's alright. We will always have 2005. Ten years ago, not like over a hundred years ago!

I pretend to be nice to all of the Cubs fans here at work, but secretly... I can't stand them. I can't watch the Cubs. I want to vomit thinking about it.

The only thing that will change my mind is free beer.

McNally's at 11136 S. Western in the south side, is a bar I have frequented many times in my youth. I think I'm going to have to go back there and be with my fellow Sox fans to cheer on St. Louis.

You have a friend in Chicago Cardinal fans!! Come see us!! $20 drink package starts at 5:45pm goes thru Blackhawks game!!

Posted by McNally's on Thursday, October 8, 2015

McNally's is offering free beer every time the St. Louis Cardinals hit a home run against the Cubs in the National League Division Series.

Now that is how you run a business! HA!



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