Sunnyside Cannabis Dispensary in South Beloit was early on Wednesday morning. No employees were there, when the robbery took place at 5:24am. Stateline

Three individuals crashed a truck through the front doors on the business, and then made their move. They went into the Sunnyside Cannabis Dispensary and stole several items. How people think they are going to get away with stuff like this, is crazy to me.

The technology of the security system is pretty intense, and the cameras and alarms are linked right to the South Beloit Police Department. The vehicle used in the robbery was a white GMC pickup truck. Here is a picture captured on the security cameras by the South Beloit Police Department:

South Beloit Police Department
South Beloit Police Department

“This morning while we were closed, a pick-up truck backed through our front doors and the offenders vandalized our store — unable to gain access to our secure vault or any cannabis product.   No employees were on-site and there were no injuries that we’re aware of.  All cannabis dispensaries have extensive surveillance systems that feed directly to law enforcement and the incident remains under investigation. We will be repairing the front door to secure the store and reopening as soon as possible.” - Sunnyside Spokesperson 

If you have any information about these individuals, and the robbery that happened at Sunnyside Cannabis Dispensary in South Beloit, contact the South Beloit Police Department at 815-389-3491.

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