Most people you talk to are all for the legalization of recreational marijuana, but there are some groups here in the Land of Lincoln that are not on board.

Smoking Weed
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What's their reason? They feel that this will leave more impaired drivers out on Illinois roads, among other things.

The Chicago Crime Commission, the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police, and the Drug Free America Foundation are the advocacy groups that are ones asking lawmakers not to make recreational marijuana legal.

They've said that accidents in states where it already is legal have seen an increase where the drivers were under the influence of weed.

These groups feel it's because there isn't a reliable test currently in use to determine if a driver is under the influence of marijuana, similar to the ones used for drunk drivers.

As the Bob Dylan song says, "Times They are a Changing", and it's how we adjust to them that matters.

So just because some feel Illinois and other states aren't "prepared to handle the challenges' of legalization doesn't mean it shouldn't happen.

It just means lawmakers need to work a little harder to make sure the right policies are in place to regulate things.

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