There may be no cannabis lover on Earth more outspoken and celebrated than Snoop Dogg.

The rapper and hip-hop icon has been synonymous with marijuana since his 1993 debut album Doggystyle that included songs like "Gin and Juice" and "Lodi Dodi," which glorified the drug's use. Now, it seems, Snoop has found some new smoking partners. The rapper recently shared a blunt with classic rockers Lynyrd Skynyrd.

The chronic connection reportedly happened backstage at an event in San Jose, Calif. In video and pictures posted to Instagram, Snoop is seen handing the blunt to Skynyrd co-founder Gary Rossington, while hamming it up with other members of the band. Guitarist Rickey Medlocke can also be overheard suggesting Snoop sing with the group at an upcoming show.

Skynyrd, for their part, appeared to love the experience. The musicians were all smiles in pictures, posing with both Snoop and the blunt. The band was also sure to hashtag #itslegalhere, just in case naysayers were considering denouncing the good time.

Check out the images of Snoop Dogg smoking with Lynyrd Skynyrd below.

Smoking session aside, Lynyrd Skynyrd have been busy lately. The group is in the midst of the Last of the Street Survivors farewell tour, with dates currently stretching into November. A concert film capturing their hometown performance in Jacksonville, Fla., will be screened in theaters nationwide on Nov. 7.

The band is also readying a new LP, though exact details on its release have yet to be revealed. The only thing that has slowed them recently is health. The group had to postpone a series of performances after Rossington underwent heart surgery earlier this year.


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