Illinois people talk funny, or is it Wisconsin people talk funny? Leave it to Saturday Night Live to go "next level" when it comes to mocking something/someone.

In this skit, an out of touch couple stumbles into a Wisconsin hardware store and can't believe that a "real" hardware store exists. "Look honey, real gloves that you wear when you do work!"

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The depiction of what a "woman from Wisconsin" sounds like is pretty funny. You get some Wisconsin classic sayings and lines like:

  • You betcha - that's You're Welcome.
  • Cold enough for ya - When temps get freezing cold.
  • Real quick once - as in "can you come here."
  • ...or no - Asking a simple question comes with this.

The accents are super overboard on this, I mean J Lo had to turn on the Wisconsin...But to be honest, they all did pretty fantastic with the accents. Oh, I'm pretty sure none of them have spent anytime in Wiconsin, (the writers included) there was no mention of Bret Favre or cheese curds. C'mon man! Even though it is a hardware store, there has to be at least one Green Bay Packer item somewhere in the store...I think that's actually a state law.

The balance on this skit is the self absorbed New York couple being extra snotty and stuck up, well played. If only former SNL cast member Chris Farley (who is really from Wisconsin) to play the New York man, THAT would be fabulous.

Here you go, Wisconsin Women by SNL:

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