Six Flags Great America is getting ready to open for the 2018 season.

Some of the changes they've made, besides their new ride, is that that they have beefed up on their security throughout the park.

NBC Chicago shares that in addition to the the parks new ride and events they have increased security through out the park.

One of the first things you'll noticed is that they have added "new barricades at the park’s front gate." They have also installed "additional cameras throughout the park and on the ride platforms."

John Krajnak, the park’s director of marketing, said that the park is "an older infrastructure so it’s always important to keep up with the safety of it and security is always our top priority for sure."

At this time the park has not confirmed or denied that these upgrades in security came after being sued by a family who was attached by a group of young people last September.

In my opinion I'm thinking these changes could be partly due to that, but honestly I think it could be because of the recent shootings an the like that's been going on in society. I agree with their park director keeping up with security and keeping park goers safe is always important.

Makes me feel a lot better to be using my season pass this year.

I can't wait until it opens. April 21st is the big day!

T-Minus 25 days.

Not that I'm counting or anything.





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