Let's start this off by saying, I can't believe this is a real story and really happening on a college campus. But someone is dropping more than just their laundry in the machines at Southern Illinois University.

There's a poop bandit on the loose in Carbondale and the residents of Abbot Hall are not pleased. Several students have reported that they have found fecal matter on their clothing after washing it in the machines at Abbot Hall. One student has said they have had this happen to them as many as three times or more over the past year. While other students have told the Daily Egyptian, that they have found poop on their clothes in the last month.

A spokesperson for the university has confirmed that the housing staff did receive a report of a incident in September, which then led to an investigation with the Department of Public Safety. The case is still open and active.

Could you imagine being the person who has to take down this report? Or better yet, the poor guy who had to clean the machines? I'm sure to all the parties involved this isn't very funny, but to this eternal 12 year old it's hilarious!!  I mean come on, someone is pooping in a washing machine!!

Who would be more embarrassed: the person who walks into the laundry room to someone dropping a deuce in the machine or the one pooping in said machine?

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