Say it with me now, SEGA.

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Growing up I never had a Sega Genesis of my own, but my best friends older brother had one.

The number of hours we spent playing games like Sonic the Hedgehog, NBA Jams, and Mortal Kombat 2 I'll never forget.

It's probably my love for the 16-bit era of videos games why I'm not such a huge fan of the modern consoles. That and too many buttons.

In my home video games consoles is not something we lack. My husband sort of collects them, along with a collection of his old Nintendo Power magazines.

The Super NES is my favorite currently, but now it looks like we may be adding to the collection.

Sega is getting ready to go back to 1989 as they are planing on release a mini-console inspired by the classic system.

The Sega Genesis Mini will come with 42 games pre-installed along with two controllers. It's said to retail for $79.99.



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