If you needed only one good reason to get rid of your phone, it would have to be to avoid scam calls.

Scam Calls Are The Worst

The most annoying thing about owning a phone is the scam calls. They always come at the worst time. Nowadays, most cells will give you a heads-up that it is spam which is nice. I'm sorry but if you're not on my caller ID, there's no way I'm answering. I'm not a big fan of talking let alone someone I don't know.

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It's hilarious when they leave a voicemail and it's in a foreign language. That just affirms the fact of not picking up. The hardest part was teaching my mom to not answer every call on her phone. She was almost scammed once so that taught her a lesson. The scammers have so many tricks it's just not worth it. If it's something important, they'll either leave a message or call back.

Incoming call with unknown unsolicited number or caller ID on mobile phone
Scam Calls In Illinois

Where Does Illinois Rank In The United States For Scam Calls?

According to abc7chicago.com,

Illinois is now the fifth-highest state for spam calls and text complaints.

People in Illinois received more than 1.6 billion robocalls and 13.2 billion robo-texts.

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Tips For Avoiding Phone Scams

  • Get an app for your phone like Robokiller.
  • Don't give your number out on the internet.
  • Look out for mispellings.
  • Don't click on links from unknown text messages.
  • Avoid calls from people you don't know.

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