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I wonder if there's a Rockford T.V. station that wants to apologize for their b.s. coverage of this back in June of 2020?

Rockford Police Officer Frank Fabiani pulled over William P. Gettings on June 27th for not using a turn signal. Dash cam footage shows that Gettings spit at the officer, resisted arrest and reached for the officers gun. Gettings cried abuse, and officer Fabiani was hit with misdemeanor battery for the arrest of the "peaceful protestor."

The footage was reviewed, and charges were dropped.

“I do not believe that there is sufficient evidence to support a criminal charge against Frank Fabiani. As for Gettings, the evidence shows that he resisted arrest. He failed to get back into his car, failed to put his hands behind his back, spit on officers, and reached for and grabbed Officer Fabiani’s gun. Nevertheless, and after much reflection, I have chosen to use my prosecutorial discretion and not reinstate the criminal charges against Gettings." - Winnebago County State’s Attorney J. Hanley

There are those in the media locally that took this opportunity to push their own narrative about the Rockford Police Department, and an abuse of power. Shame on you. Instead of reporting the "news" a Rockford media team used their platform to pick a side and stir the pot.

Last summer was a very difficult time across the nation and locally. As a member of the media we has a responsibility to use our platform to inform, tell the truth, and in our case here, entertain. Attempting to boost viewership and revenue by creating conflict and drama is immoral. How did that work out?


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