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Rockton's Corey "Overtime" Anderson can deliver some powerful punches and kicks inside the MMA cage, but last month it was something a lot sweeter that he delivered. WTVO

Corey sat down with Scott Leber from WTVO/Fox 39 to talk about this upcoming bout(s) as he competes this weekend in the Bellator MMA’s Light Heavyweight World Grand Prix. Eight different fighters are put into a bracket style tournament, if Corey continues winning throughout he could be fighting for the championship in October. Oh by the way, this also comes with a one million dollar prize! Light em up Corey.

So what does a man like Corey Anderson do, when his wife tells him that it's "go time?" By that I mean it's time to deliver her baby...Well I guess you deliver the baby yourself in your bedroom!

Corey woke up to head to the gym to train, when his wife said that maybe he should hang out at home and not head to the gym...So Corey decided to just go downstairs and get some cardio work in on the bike. After finishing, grabbing a shower and running their 2 year old son to the babysitter, Corey came home to his wife ready to give birth. While he was set to head to the hospital with the bags packed, his wife told him that she was not going to make it and the baby was on it's way.

Corey who is on two phones, talking to the midwife and also 911, delivered his baby girl at home.

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