'Tis the season for holiday theft, be prepared.


With the holidays here, the bad guys are out there looking for the gifts under your tree and much more. As you travel, shop, leave your home unattended, be sure to know how to protect yourself.

From the website Next Door, Rockton Police Chief Steve Dickson warns of potential "not so jolly" situations this holiday season.  Here are some of what Chief Dickson had to say:

Do not leave anything in your car when you are shopping. Thieves target parking lots on Black Friday and all throughout the holiday season in anticipation of busy neighbors leaving packages in their cars while shopping.


If possible, require a signature for all your deliveries. If there's no one home to sign for the package, it won't be left at your home.


Keep your car and house doors locked at all times. Every night, unlocked cars are entered and items taken.


Thank you Chief Dickson for this, follow the link above for the full blog. Stay safe and happy holiday everyone!

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