NFL records are being broken by James Robinson from Rockford.

I'm not afraid to admit I'm a huge Chicago Bears fan. It's been difficult cheering for them this season. I'm not fair-weather, so I'll support the team no matter what. Even during the bad times. I'll still wear my gear out in public.

I am also a big NFL follower. I really enjoy the game and it's my favorite sport. Luckily, I can find other storylines to keep my interest going during a down season from the Bears. This year, there's a special one because it has local ties.

James Robinson is a great feel-good story. If you're not familiar with him, here's the cliff notes version. He went to Rockford Lutheran where he broke all kinds of IHSA records. He went on to Illinois State University and had lots of success there too. That's two pluses for me. James is a Rockford kid and he attended my old college. I'm definitely a fan already, no matter which team he plays for. Well, let's hope he never goes to the Packers.

Robinson wasn't drafted by any teams but that didn't stop him. He signed an undrafted rookie free-agent contract with the Jackson Jaguars. It's been all upward momentum since then. He was named the starting running back going into the regular season. He hasn't looked back.

The Jags are having a horrible season. Much worst than Chicago. James has been basically the only highlight. The team's GM was fired but at least he gave Robinson a chance because that's really worked out well.

Since the first game, Robinson has been breaking new ground for NFL undrafted free agent rookie running backs. His name has already been added to the record books. Here's the latest.

According to,

"Each week it seems like James Robinson is setting another record in 2020. The running back became just the fifth undrafted rookie to record at least 1,000 yards from scrimmage, and the quickest to do it in his team’s tenth game of the season. He joins Clark Gaines (1976), Dominic Rhodes (2001), LeGarrette Blount (2010), and Phillip Lindsay (2018) as the only players to accomplish this milestone."

This feat is amazing no matter what, but where he started makes it even bigger. Congrats James, Rockford is proud of you.

FYI, Jacksonville plays Chicago on December 27th. I look forward to catching that game.

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