I've seen it and for sure have HEARD it...the "friendly" battle between Rockford Police and Rockford Fire can get ugly, and with this flyer sent to me...It. Is. On.

One time I was at a t.v. commercial shoot where as I was walking out WITH a Rockford Police Officer, there was a Rockford Firefighter sitting in the lobby..."Shouldn't you be getting a cat out of a tree or something?" There were glares, an awkward ten seconds of eye contact and the two went there separate ways. I have seen this "playful" interaction before, but this one had something behind it.

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I was sent the info for the "Battle of Badge" Blood Drive which is running July 12th - 16th with the Rock River Valley Blood Center....I did a double take and thought, of my this is something!

Rockford Police Department
Rockford Police Department

Who would do such a thing? The actual poster for the blood drive was "edited" before it was sent out. Wow!!!

The concept of this is to see which Rockford organization can get the most blood donated, which is an awesome thing to do...but to edit the poster and scratch out the Rockford Fire Fighters?


You support the "badge" you like and donate some blood....July 12th thru 16th.

"Join Rockford’s first responders in a competition to help increase the area blood supply. Your generous donation can help save up to 3 lives in our community." - Rock River Valley Blood Center

Free t-shirts for donors while supplies last. BATTLE VALID AT OUR DOWNTOWN DONOR CENTER AND PERRYVILLE LOCATION....

You can schedule your appointment 815-965-8751 or online at RRVBC.ORG.



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