Wrestlemania 33 ended with The Undertaker leaving us for good, right?

Photo - Captain Jack

I was at Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando and it was an amazing "final match" for The Undertaker. He has been an icon in WWE/Professional Wrestling for decade. Now there is talk that the "Dead Man" might not be done.

According to Pop Culture, WWE Monday Night RAW will introduce "teaser" footage of a possible Undertaker vs Roman Reigns rematch at WWE Summerslam.

So wait, Wrestlemania the biggest stage of them all he retired right? Undertaker was defeated and I remember the pin drop silence of 80,000 WWE fans watch this icon walk up the ramp one final time. That was a live event moment I will never forget.

So here's the "rumor", WWE wants the legions of Undertaker fans to "buy into" a tease of him coming back. Test the waters, build some excitement. I think this is a no brainer, WWE fans will be pumped to have The Undertaker return. But is this real or WWE playing us? I guess we have to watch RAW tonight and find out.