Slippery sidewalks put Rockford walkers in danger.

It's been a terrible winter. In the past few weeks, we've had snow, cold, ice, and every mixture of the three.

Trying to have a normal life during this weather has been difficult.

A big problem has been keeping roads, sidewalks, and driveways safe for people to travel on. Besides keeping up with the crazy weather, there has been a shortage of salt in our area.

The ice is so bad, over the weekend, I saw a guy in my neighborhood ice skating on the sidewalk.

On my way to and from work, I see several people walking in the street. I guess the road seems safer, but that really worries me. I would hate to see someone get hit by a car.

The danger of walking in Rockford because of weather conditions has been a big problem.

According to,

"A seemingly endless supply of winter storms has made it hard for the community to keep up with keeping sidewalks clean, which may be one reason why local hospitals have been busy, treating injuries caused by slips and falls."

A record number of people have been treated this winter for weather-related injuries.

"According to the City of Rockford, it's the responsibility of the homeowner or business owner to clear the sidewalks. Business owners can be held liable if someone slips and gets hurt on their property."

If you can please try to make your sidewalk safe for pedestrians and walkers please use extreme care in these conditions.


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