This camp is the answer to all parents who are hoping to get their kids out of the house this summer.

You know what I'm talking about. Your kid is in school all year long and wants to spend his summer playing video games...indoors.

Well, Rockford University is hosting Games Camps starting July 7. See? You'll have to take your kid out of the house to take them so they can play video games...indoors.

Jokes aside, Games Camps at Rockford University actually sounds like a lot more than just sitting around playing video games.

The primary objective of GAMES camp is specifically to develop good, healthy, relevant competition skills and principles that can be utilized both within competitive gaming environments and without. GAMES campers learn a host of competition and team skills, including patience, leadership, sacrifice, and perspective, which will be relevant for campers in many other settings. Our schedule, staff, and slate of activities are all designed specifically to give campers an array of opportunities to learn, develop, and ultimately master these habits.

Some of the games to be featured at Games Camp are Fortnite, Overwatch and DOTA 2.

All GAMES Camp activities are designed to help campers improve at video games, and to become better overall competitors and teammates - and all activities are tailored to these purposes. The instructors and supervisors at GAMES Camps include teachers as well as incredibly experienced, knowledgeable, well-vetted gaming competitors, professionals!

Some of the Games Camps sessions are overnight stays however the Rockford camp is only set for day time hours. Perfect for parents who think their kids might not be ready for an overnight.

It's a five-day camp starting on Sunday, July 7 and running through Friday, July 12. The day camp fee for Games Camps is $275 and that includes meals.

Not bad when you consider how much money of yours your kid has spent on Fortnite skins. Might as well make them "git gud" at the game.  Sign up HERE.

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