The lovely Sue Mroz from Channel 23 once broke my heart.

Photo - Starry Marie
Photo - Starry Marie

As a 6th grader at Carl Sandburg School in Freeport, I can remember the evening that Sue Mroz from Channel 23 broke my heart.

Sue Mroz was a staple on Rockford television during the 1980's.  I can tell you growing up I had the biggest crush on Sue Mroz. Here is this beautiful woman on television in Rockford, I was in awe. I would stay up late just to watch her weather forecast and call it a night.

So the night Sue Mroz broke my heart, it went like this. Sue was making an appearance at an event in Freeport. I knew the date and time and was ready to meet my celebrity crush. I was dressed, nervous, ready to make this dream come true. What will I say to Sue Mroz, do I shake her hand, oh wow could I get a hug?

My mom comes downstairs and gets ready to leave for the event, and then says the following words..."Oh, this is a woman's only event". Crushed, deflated, defeated. Here is my big moment to meet my celebrity crush and the bomb is dropped.

Years later at a media function, photo shoot I had the chance to finally meet Sue. An absolutely sweet woman, and for the record I didn't have the nerve to tell her my story.

Here is a video of Channel 23 from the 1980's, forward to the thirteen minute mark.





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