Despite a mild winter in Rockford, a mound of snow from December still hasn't melted.

It's been a mild winter in Rockford. We haven't had any serious snow since December. The temperatures have been comfortable.

It wouldn't make sense, that a snow mound would still exist in town. Yet, if you pass by the corner of East State Street and Fairview Avenue, there stands one.

It probably started out much bigger. Hopefully, it looked a lot better. Now, it's a gross dark gray pile mixed with dirt, rocks, and garbage.

How has it lasted? Maybe it was so big, it just takes several warm days to completely melt. Maybe it's a chemical reaction to the mixture of garbage, dirt, and rocks.

Whatever the case, the question still remains. When will it melt?

Through the upcoming weeks as you drive by that intersection, take a quick glance over to see if it's still there.


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