If your children don't respond to your text messages, this new app will make sure they do.

I know a lot of parents in Rockford that have this problem.

They send a text message to their teens and don't get a response back.

What is the best way to make them do it?

You can threaten them but that really never seems to work.

Now, there is a new app available that can help you with this situation.

According to simplemost.com,

"There’s A New App That Locks Teens’ Phones Until They Reply To Parents’ Texts."

This amazing new app for parents is called ReplyASAP.

How does it work?

Whenever you send a message using it, an alarm on the receiving phone will go off. Even if their phone is on silent.

The message takes over the screen and stops any other function they are using.

That alarm and message won't go away until your kid acknowledges your text. The app will confirm to you when they look at it.

Their phone will not return to normal until they send a reply.

Instantly, your child will be answering you.

All I want to know is how soon do they come up with an app to block this one.


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