The introduction of American Boy scares parents in Rockford.

Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of Rockford parents than the release of a new toy for their kids. Especially, one that will be popular and expensive.

Until now, only families with little girls knew the power of the American Girl Doll.

If you aren't familiar with American Girl, its a pricey doll collection with equally costly accessories. The only way to purchase American Girl products is through the catalog, website, or at a special American Girl store.

Mothers and daughters make the pilgrimage to the American Girl store at Water Tower Place in Chicago. While there, they can get their doll's ears pierce and hair styled. They can go to tea with their dolls and purchase any extras that an active doll on the go would need.

Now, American Girl is coming after the little boy market. For the first time ever, they are releasing a boy doll.

Parents throughout the stateline with just boys, thought they dodged the whole American Girl thing. Now, it's going to hit them where it hurts... the bank account.

If it was just the doll that would be one thing, but its all the add-ons. The outfits, the activities, the furniture, and the equipment.

Look for the new American Girl boy doll at a park near you. Along with the look of broke parents not far behind.


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