The city of Chicago is famous for its shady history and now you can get a fun walking tour to find out more.

I enjoy going to Chicago and playing tourist.

There are so many great attractions to see. I suggest taking a guided tour to get some interesting insider info. They are available by boat, bus, segway, and walking.

I've done a few of them but this is one I definitely need to check out.

According to,

"There's a new unique attraction featuring Chicago corruption for sightseers. It's a walking tour that shows the seedy underbelly of the city’s politics."

Your host in Paul Dailing who is a Rockford native.

Dailing has worked as a tour guide for Chicago River boat rides and as a political journalist. He enjoyed doing both, so he decided to combine them together. That's how he came up with the concept.

He has been able to "dig up the dirt" by doing lots of research.

Paul likes to keep these stories alive because many people have tried to let them die through the years.

His tour stops cover everything from the 1920's to current issues. It will include some fun, Blagojevich stories.

If you're interested, check out HERE for more info.


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