Construction photos and history timeline for Rockford MetroCentre.

This year, 2021, is the 40th anniversary of the BMO Harris Bank Center aka Rockford MetroCentre. The official date of the grand opening was January 31th, 2021. Unfortunately, they were unable to hold a big party to celebrate because of the pandemic. Hopefully, sometime late in the year or maybe for the 41st anniversary.

I thought our downtown entertainment venue still needed to be recognized for this big year, so I decided to start a series of stories to take a look back at the history of the building. I have interviewed some people connected to the arena to share some stories and experiences. Plus, I have found some great old-school pictures. I hope you have enjoyed them so far. Check out the latest things I have dug up.

Here are some photos from the construction of the Rockford MetroCentre aka BMO Harris Bank Center.

Rockford MetroCentre Construction (Courtesy of BMO Harris Bank Center archives)

It is pretty cool to see those early pictures as they started building the arena.

There have also been some major events that have happened in the history of the MetroCentre. Check out this timeline of some of them

Rockford MetroCentre Timeline (Courtesy of BMO Harris Bank Center archives)

Stay tuned, you do not know what I will find next.

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Video: Interview with Doug Logan, the original GM, of the BMO Harris Bank Center



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