Rockford is a great town to celebrate National Golf Month.

In the world of bizarre and unique holidays, August is National Golf Month.

It's the time of year to celebrate the game of golf. You can enjoy the game by playing it or just watching it on television.

Rockford is a great city for golf.

"Golf Digest proclaimed Rockford the best mid-sized golf city in the United States."

Rockford golf courses are perfect for all kinds of fans from beginners to experts and from weekend warriors to the serious players.

The courses are well maintained. The green fees are reasonable. You can walk or ride.

It's a good form of exercise and gets you outside to enjoy the summer weather.

Rockford has so much to offer in the world of golf. There are plenty of opportunities to take lessons and to participate in tournaments.

If you are going to try your hand at a tournament, just be aware the competition is tough.

That's just talking about the public courses and not even getting into the private ones. They are excellent too.

To find out about all the great golfing in Rockford to celebrate National Golf Month including courses, tee times, lessons, tournaments and more check out

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