Were you in Dekalb over the weekend, and did you have your winter jacket on?

With another steamy and hot weekend, one city locally apparently got an artic blast.

13 WREX posted a weather graphic on Friday that may have given some Dekalb residents quite a scare.

The word cold written in frost on a car
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Imagine getting ready to make your weekend plans and then seeing that your temps won't quite be the same as the rest of the area. Do I mow early to avoid the heat, or do I grab a shovel?

Rockford Is One Of The Coldest Cities In U.S.
Rob Carroll, Townsquare Media

Always good when a tv has a good sense of humor and can call themselves out when they make an error. Check out the temp difference from Sycamore to Dekalb!

attachment-wrex weather

What a difference a few miles make! That is like walking into the gas station "beer cave" and then going right back outside. You're gonna catch a cold. Ha!

The heat will keep you inside, this drastic temp drop will keep you inside...we can't win.

I'm looking forward to the next wave of weather madness in Dekalb. Maybe 10-12 inches of snow this weekend?

Snow Removal
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Imagine being a freshman at NIU and moving in, end of August and it's -33. I mean, it could easily get there this winter. Weather is quite unpredictable in the Midwest, but this was a good one!

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