A gun once owned by Illinois' most famous gangster is going up for auction.

What are Chicago and Illinois Know For

I realize that the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois have a lot of good things about them. Unfortunately, when it comes down to it, both are really known for crime and corruption.

It has been that way for a long time. Go back to the most infamous mobster of all time, Al Capone. He and his crew raged havoc for years in the Windy City.

If you do not know about Al Capone, check out this documentary about his history.

Video: Lost Worlds: Al Capone's Secret City of Chicago (S2, E10) | Full Episode | History

Where Are All Of Al Capone's Personal Items

Al Capone earned a lot of money illegally and in turn, he spent it on many expensive items. Through the years, it was passed down from generation to generation of his family.

The Capone family has now decided that it is time to part ways with all of Al's possessions. They are giving the public a chance to buy them through a special auction.

Gather up your savings and get ready to bid. You could become the new owner of items from Al Capone's collection.

Video: The Untouchables (1/10) Movie CLIP - A Kind Word and a Gun (1987) HD

Al Capone Auction

After years of living out of the public eye, the family of Al Capone has decided it is finally time to share his personal items and history with the world. They figured the best way to do that is to auction off all of his personal possessions.

According to witherells.com,

"The estate of Al Capone survives as an undisturbed time capsule. This landmark event will no doubt go down as one of the most important celebrity auctions in history. The estate offers treasures at all price points and presents a unique opportunity to invest in the luxury asset market with a genuine heirloom of Al Capone, an American legend."

Video: Al Capone’s Gun and Other Possession Go Up for Auction

Details For The Al Capone Auction

  • Friday, October 8
  • Starting at 6:00 pm
  • For more info, HERE.

It would interesting to see if any celebrities make bids on items.

Video: Al Capone's Personal Belongings On The Auction Block

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