I get made fun of for my two little dogs all the time, but I'm totally o.k. with it.

Battersea Dogs Home Attempt To Rehome Abandoned And Stray Dogs
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So I'm a big guy with two tiny dogs, I love them to death. They still hate when I yawn and will sit right on top of me like I am part of the couch. Being that the heaviest of the two is right around 12 pounds, make yourself comfy.

Could you imagine the heartbreak if someone stole your dog? That bark and that daily love you get when you walk in the front door, gone.

There has been an issue in Pinckneyville, Illinois with dogs being stolen and the bad guys are quite creative. According to NBC15 the thieves are posing as animal control officers and are stealing dogs. How low will you go?

"They’ve been taken out of fenced areas and so forth. They’re basically patrolling during the day for them and they seem to be coming back at night or making sure people are gone and taking them at that time" . - Perry County Sheriff Steve Bareis

Now I haven't heard of anything like this around Rockford, but you can never be too safe.



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