Rockford has a problem with wild turkeys invading the area.

Rockford seems to have a little problem with turkeys. They are invading the area. It's one thing to be driving out in the country like in Boone County, but if you see them wandering around the city limits of Rockford. It's a little weird.

A few days ago, I was looking out The Eagle studio window and I saw a couple of turkeys hanging out behind our building.

I don't golf a lot, but last time I was at Aldeen Golf Course. I saw turkeys all over the place.

The strangest thing I saw involving turkeys, I was driving south on Alpine Road. I was getting close to crossing over Spring Creek Road. The light was green, but nobody was moving. I thought there might be an accident. When I finally got to the intersection, there were five turkeys just hanging out in the middle. They weren't afraid of the cars at all.

According to, the turkey problem in Rockford is real.

"So, the mailmen all know about it.  I've talked to the mailman and he said that they will chase their vehicles.  He carries a long stick... to keep them away from him."

There isn't much we can do about the turkeys. As long as we don't start seeing them at Rockford City Market, we should be okay.

Maybe the new mayor, Tom McNamara, could put a call into Butterball to see if they can help us out.

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