Any Britneys out there in Rockford? Here's your chance to benefit from having the same first name as the one and only Britney Spears. 

Everyone is talking about Britney Spears... we have been for years, but in the last few months as we've actually seen action in the Free Britney movement, she's literally all over the place.

Including Orangetheory locations across the country.

No, actual Britney Spears isn't taking classes... though maybe she is somewhere in California, but Orangetheory locations across the country are offering free classes to women named Britney for the next few days to 'acknowledge monumental step forward for Britney and all strong creative females who value their independence,' according to an article at 

I happen to take classes at Orangetheory here in Rockford so I did make sure this was legit before I shared with with you and both head coach Tosha and front desk guru Chelsea confirmed this is legit.

Now what I forgot to ask is if you have to spell your name like Ms. Spears to get the free class?

I'm guessing you do not... so Britney, Brittany, Brittaniee, Britteny, or the million other ways you can spell it... give them a call and get your sweat on!

Please also request an entire day of just Britney music throughout the studio, that's for me, thanks!.

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