A Rockford Grandmother is looking for a replacement Grandson.

I was checking out Rockford Craigslist and I found this post under "Strictly Platonic" in the "Personals" section.

"My grandson moved out of state. Seeking replacement. Must be over 18 working or going to school to better yourself. OR in the process.. Must be willing to teach me how to operate computer, smart phone and the TV remote. MUST be respectful at all times, honest and trust worthy. Small bedroom with own entrance off patio. Chores are few, lawn maintenance (less than an hours work ) every couple of weeks. Set out trash on trash day and bring can back when empty. Keep bathroom and your bedroom clean. Just general help when needed. I will cook, do your laundry if ask, answer any questions you may have. Help you set goals and reach them. I am not looking for a gamer, lazy or unmotivated young man just one who knows what he wants, but needs a little help getting there. NO drinking, smoking, drugs, borrowing money or over night guests. Cat friendly. I am easy to get along with, have a sense of humor, but will not tolerate ANY disrespect. References, and background check may be done. If you are leaving foster care, homeless, need guidance, to help you get ahead or perhaps a out of town student who needs a small quiet place to live? Perhaps this is the answer."

I have only one Grandma left and she lives in Texas, so I don't ever really get to see her. It would be awesome to have an "adopted" one in town.

I thought this could be a great opportunity for someone. I know a lot of people in Rockford that don't have their Grandparents anymore. There are plenty of Grandparents that moved away from the area to enjoy better weather.

Also, some people don't have family around. Their family lives far away and they don't get to see them during holidays. Maybe, they are just alone and need some family type support.

It never hurts having someone looking out for you. Plus it's sad that a caring person, like this Grandmother, doesn't have anyone to help her out.

If your lost, sounds like she will help whip your butt into shape. She will teach you responsibility, which you might need. Plus, you would being doing a good thing.

Good luck to this Grandma with her search.


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