It's officially snow season. And that means it's time to break out the shovels, snow blowers, and ice chippers and put them to good use. But did you know when you're clearing snow around your house you could actually help save lives?

If you live near a fire hydrant, do you clear it off when you clear the rest of the snow? If you haven't been, you really should. Here's why -

It's a small act of kindness that goes a very long way. WTVO details -

Shoveling a clear path around fire hydrants can buy critical time in an emergency. For firefighters, every second counts when it comes to saving lives, simple things like having easy access to a fire hydrant are key.

Rockford Fire Inspector Timothy Brown says -

We like to see three feet in all directions. It just gives us easier access to get to the hydrants. That’s time taken away–critical time that can be taken away from the incident. You’ll see fireman driving around–sometimes we’ll step out of the truck and we’ll shovel when it’s cluttered but we would definitely like your and the help of the citizens.

Rockford Fire is using social media to get the word out as well–asking you to send them a picture once your nearest hydrant is clear. So next time you're out clearing snow, don't forget to take care of the fire hydrant in your neighborhood. It's a small gesture that goes a really long way in case of emergency.


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