The E-Rabs made huge improvements and were no longer an automatic win for the other teams in the NIC10 conference this year.

Rockford gets beat up a lot about the bad things. That is why I like to talk about the good stuff when I get a chance. The East High School football team definitely fits into that category, "Good Rockford Stuff."

The E-Rabs have struggled for several years, but I saw some changes last year. They showed signs that things were going to be different. A big win against Boylan helped too.

This year the team took it to the next level. They went 6-3 and finished in third place for a tough NIC10 conference. They made the playoffs for the first time in sixteen years. They lost in the first round, but there's nothing to be ashamed of. They had a historic year.

I had the chance to talk to chat with Head Football Coach and Athletic Director, Gary Griffin, about the 2017 season. Here's the interview.

Video: Double T talks to Coach Griffin from East High School about the season.

I really enjoyed talking with Coach Griffin. I think he has the program going in the right direction. Plus, the fact that the boys are learning more than just football. They are learning about life and how to be a good person.

A successful E-Rab football team is good for the school, students, district, and community. I look forward to seeing how the program grows.

Video: Olympic Hopeful Boxer From Rockford Spars With Double T


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