Rockford may be rolling the dice sooner than later.

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Will the now empty Clock Tower Resort be the home of a Rockford casino?

According to My Stateline what is called "Senate Bill 7" passed on Wednesday, which means a full blown casino will be coming to town.

Rockford's State Senator Dave Syverson was quoted as saying:

"So many of us have put in a lot of time trying to make this happen, and this is the next step, if we can push this across the finish line, it will bring in millions of dollars to our local economy."

So Rockford will help boost the states economy, bring in tourist money, create new jobs, and provide a new entertainment venue for the city. This pretty much sounds like a win for Rockford to me. Of course there will be those that will not agree, gambling can be considered "evil" or a "sin" to some. But so is rock and roll music, so guilty as charged.